The Ridgeway40 Walk

40 miles on foot in one day

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Number of Crossing Report - see who has successfully completed this walk 5 or more times  Download


The 2, 5, 10 and 15 crossings badges are awarded to walkers who have successfully completed the Ridgeway Walk (we've called these crossings for the past 20 years or so) for the number of times shown on the badge. The crossings need not be done consecutively so, for example, a walker who successfully completed the Ridgeway Walk for the first time ten years ago and comes back this year and successfully completes another crossing will be entitled to the 2 crossings badge.

Awards for 2, 5 and 10 crossings were first awarded in 1977. The badges were green for 2 crossings and red and black for 5 and 10 crossings respectively. The badges were tin pin badges but they just said 'Ridgeway Walk 40 miles' on them.

In 2006 the red cloth badge was introduced to replace the tin badge for 5 crossings. The 10 crossings cloth badge was introduced in 2007 and the 2 crossings badge was introduced in 2008. The colour of the 2 crossings badge was changed from green to blue as green is currently being used for the general badge.

Also in 2008 the 15 crossings badge, was introduced.

 Rob McGavin his 40th crossing Susan Clements for her 20 crossings
Trevor Brown presenting a shield to Rob McGavin for his 40th crossing - May 2022 Trevor Brown presenting Susan Clements with a shield for her 20 crossings - May 2022

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Badges of Honour

ridgeway 40 badge The Ridgeway40 badge is available for purchase by all participants who complete the 40 mile walk.

ridgeway40 2 crossing badge

ridgeway 40 5 crossing badge
ridgeway 40 10 crossings badgeridgeway 40 15 crossing badge


Pedometer carried by a Ridgeway40 walker showing a total of 78,284 steps!