The Ridgeway40 Walk

40 miles on foot in one day

Checkpoint Information and Maps

CP Name Grid Ref Miles Opens Closes
Start Avebury Sports and Social Club SU 102 697 0 07:45 08:30
CP1 Whitefield Hill SU 198 765 9.5 09:30 11:15
CP2 Fox Hill Car Park SU 233 815 14.5 10:00 13:00
CP3 Uffington Castle SU 295 859 19.5 11:00 14:45
CP4 Yew Down (nr monument) SU 418 841 28 12:15 18:00
CP5 Compton Downs Cross Tracks SU 509 819 34.5 13:15 20:30
CP6 Starveall Turn SU 541 815 36.5 13:30 21:00
Finish Streatley Youth Hostel SU 591 805 40 14:30 22:30

Ridgeway40 Route Map
Most of the walk follows the National Trail way-marked as the Ridgeway. Please pay attention to the map In areas with many paths such as the few miles after Bury Down (32 miles), way-marks should help keep to the correct route. The walk is different from the National Trail between Barbury Castle and Whitefield Hill (see note below that section on the map)
** (courtesy of Alan Iwi)

To download an A4 map (updated October 2021) [click here]

Ridgeway40 Scheduler / Planner (spreadsheet)
Take the advantage in downloading our scheduler / planner speadsheet. Input your Start and expected Finish time and the calculator will do the rest in working out your expected Checkpoint times. You can even input breaks times. The yellow cells are for user inputs. Happy walking! Many thanks to Alan Iwi for the work in creating and updating this utility.

To download the Scheduler / Planner Speadsheet [click here]

Goring and Streatley Town Map
Map of Goring and Streatley showing locations of the Village Hall, railway station and public car parks. Updated 01 May 2022.

To download the map [click here]
Goring and Streatley town map

Google Maps
We have entered the Ridgeway40 Route into Google Maps. Click the link below to see a satellite and terrain view of the route.
Updated 01 May 2022.

To access the map [click here]
gmaps icon

GPX and KML route files
Most GPS devices designed for outdoor sports and navigation can both create and use GPX files. The great thing about the universal nature of a GPX file is that different brands of device, with different maps loaded can all use the same GPX file. The KML file format is used by Google Maps

GPX file of the Ridgeway40 route [click here] - Updated June 2022
KML file of the Ridgeway40 route [click here]
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Our next event date is still to be confirmed

Memories of Past Events


Everyone welcome including mans best friend (photo Dave Dare 2012)





Lovely countryside to discover during the walk (photos Dave Dare)