The Ridgeway40 Walk

40 miles on foot in one day

Our 2017 Event - A special thanks

A message to all our Marshals and Helpers:

A big ‘thank-you’ to all the marshals, helpers, cake and sandwich makers, tea brewers, Raynet, ROG, and everyone else who made such a great success of this year’s Ridgeway 40 walk and Ron’s 20 mile walk.

A notable feature this year, as far as we were concerned, was the bitterly cold wind at the start. This may have contributed to the other significant fact; that we finished at least an hour ahead of expectations, enabling those manning the later checkpoints and HQ to clear up in daylight. It was really good to get back in time for a meal and a beer after the event.

Some early numbers, around 320 paying entrants and 252 starters on the 40 miler, and about 95 entrants and 85 starters on Ron’s 20 miles. The 20% ‘no-show’ figure is a bit disappointing, but typical of long distance events these days, possibly a consequence of the ease of on-line entry. We had relatively few retirements, at 22 during the day (17, 40 mile & 5, 20 mile. 10 of the 22 arranged their own transport home).

There was also the amazing performance of Dave Wright, who completed his 50th crossing. Checkpoint 5 knew he was coming, so they baked a cake! (Was that Doris Day?). Complete with candle’s as shown top right.

All on all, the organisation ran like the proverbial clockwork, with everyone doing their utmost to make it a successful and pleasant experience for the walkers.

Your Organising Committee are deeply grateful for your help in running one of the oldest walking events in the UK, and hope we can depend on your support next year.

Best wishes

Phil Trevor
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11 May 2019

Dave Wright receiving his cake
Dave Wright receiving his 50th Crossing Cake. Congratulations!